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Bulldogs 2014 Square Wall Calendar with DogDays App

With their distinctive protruding lower jaw and thick folds of skin, the bulldog (or English bulldog) can look like a pretty tough customer. These traits are a result of the dog’s original purpose: the brutal sport of bull-baiting, where several of the dogs were set upon a tethered bull. However, this once aggressive breed has since developed into a family-friendly, affectionate lap dog. In fact, bulldogs are generally known to be of even temperament and get along well with children and other pets. This is partly because breeders have crossed the original old English bulldog with the pug, resulting in a smaller and more docile version of the animal. Worldwide, the bulldog is still strongly associated with Great Britain, being pictured often with the iconic Winston Churchill.

pic_3 BrownTrout Bulldogs Square








This dog breed calendar is available on the DogDays App on Iphone & Android.