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Every day, we study thousands of stunning photographs about, and around, our world. Whether it’s an image of a tall ship teetering at sea, or a hummingbird hovering over its next sip, we love creating calendars that offer new perspectives and pathways, and relish the moments we have to reflect on what we love about the big, beautiful world we belong to.

Calendars are the perfect way to capture and enliven each day. Indeed, life is busy, even crazy sometimes, so we take pride in our work, knowing we bring a bit of beauty, perhaps a hint of humor or even a moment to meditate. Stimulating people, faraway places, wild predators, winsome pets, breathtaking art, and divine inspiration all await in the pages of our calendars. Let each month’s stunning photography keep your passion on course and steady in your daily life.

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—Team BrownTrout

New Site Launch at

In business over 35 years, BrownTrout Publishers, Inc. continues to evolve and develop at the pace of a startup company. We carefully monitor market trends, and have therefore decided to launch brand new site at

Make sure to visit and check out our new site that represents combination of modern design and functionality. It’s fully responsive and provides seamless experience, regardless of the device you are using. You can interchange between phone, tablet or desktop, without any drawbacks in functionality. It will make your shopping experience more enjoyable and comfortable. Join us into new age as we enter New 2018, ready for new challenges, and new accomplishments.

DogDays 2018 Now Available for Download!

DogDays 2018 is now available with all your favorite breeds. Download now using the links in the side bar or below!

iTunes: Google Play:
download download

If you have purchased a BrownTrout dog calendar with a bundled DogDays download, find the QR code on the inside page and scan within the app to unlock. It is that easy. The QR scanner within the app can be found in the menu or in the store.

If you have any difficulty downloading the app, please visit our FAQ page.