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New 2015 DogDays Bundles Soon to be Released

If you have purchased a 2015 BrownTrout dog breed calendar and downloaded the free app, you may have noticed that although the calendar and game functionality is working, you are not able to unlock your calendar yet.

Do not fret! We have not forgotten about you! These new calendar bundles will be available very soon! Please join our mailing list or just check this site for updates on these new titles and be ready to unlock your calendar.

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Basset Hounds

Basset Hounds

Basset HoundsThe Basset Hound is another dog breed available on the DogDays App. With its broad ears, low stature and distinctive folds of skin, the beautiful Basset Hound is one of the most recognizable dogs in the world, but also for me it is one of the most iconic American pet breeds. When I hear ‘puppy-dog eyes’ or ‘a boy and his dog,’ Bassets are the image that appears in my mind.

Like its’ forerunner, the Bloodhound, the Basset Hound has its origins in Europe as a scent-hound and tracking dog, and it’s name actually comes from the French word bas, referring to its short legs. Their longstanding popularity and usefulness in this country, however, have secured this breed’s image as the loyal companion to the American family.

3 Basset HoundsWith sensitive smell second only to the Bloodhound, the Basset Hound is today still valued for its ability to track prey. The loose, hanging skin of its face, in addition to giving the animal the sad and expressive look that I love, can actually trap a scent and aid it in locating the source. For a combination of gentle companionship and old-world usefulness, the Basset Hound can’t be beat!

Basset Hounds

DogDays App Now Available

Download DogDays Now

DogDays 2014 calendar and game app is now available for iPhone. Please use the link above in order to download the app to your smartphone. DogDays for Android is set to release later this month so stay tuned!

IMG_8942Simply click the link above from your iPhone or computer and download the app. If you have purchased a BrownTrout calendar that comes with the free DogDays bundled QR code, please use it to access the site and download the app. Once the app has been installed, the QR code provided will unlock the calendar image pack that corresponds to the title purchased.

Enjoy 13 downloadable images of your favorite breed throughout in addition to 37 bonus images of other furry friends! Unlock bonus images through a series of puzzle games including: memory-match, jigsaw & sliding puzzles. Unlock all of the images and share them through Facebook, Twitter and more!